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Austin 2012

AAS Sustainability Committee Splinter Session

Astronomers: Teach Climate Change!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Room 12B, Austin Convention Center

Session Description

Do you teach Astronomy? Do you discuss climate change with non-astronomers? The AAS Sustainability Committee invites all AAS members to attend this Splinter Session, which will focus on how astronomers can be better educators about global warming, a subject we understand well but most members of the public do not. Since 40% of US college and university students take an astronomy class, we are in an excellent position to inform the public about this scientific and public policy issue that will increasingly take center stage in the coming decades. The session will focus on practical tools you can use in classes like Astro 100 as well as other public settings. The format will include a simulated debate between astronomers and climate skeptics; short demonstrations of climate change PowerPoint slides appropriate for astronomy classes; and advice on communicating climate change from education experts. Come share your own tips and pick up new ones.

Download the session poster (PDF) in the files section below.

Program and Presentations

2:00: Social meet and greet 

2:10: Introduction by James Lowenthal, AAS Council and Committee on Sustainability chair 

2:15: Climate Change debate: Role-playing demonstration of public discussion and engagement on climate change 

2:45: Jay Banner (UT Geosciences Dept.): Tips from a Veteran 

3:15: Climate Change in Astro 100: A Sampler 

Talk slides (PDF) will be posted in the files section below... soon!

Phil Marshall,
Sep 26, 2012, 2:07 PM